Workflow Stages for DrainDive Services:
Initial Consultation and Diagnosis
The first step in our service process begins with your call or online request. We provide a prompt initial consultation to understand the nature of your drainage issue. During this phase, we may ask for details regarding the symptoms of the blockage, the layout of your property, and any previous drainage work done. This information helps us prepare adequately before visiting your site. For complex issues, we may recommend a CCTV drain survey to accurately diagnose the problem without invasive methods, ensuring we identify the most effective solution from the outset.
On-site Service Execution
Once we have a clear understanding of the issue and have scheduled a convenient time for you, our skilled technicians will arrive at your property equipped with the necessary tools and technology to resolve your drainage problems. This stage involves the direct application of our services, whether it’s high-pressure water jetting, manual blockage removal, or any other required method. Our team works efficiently and cleanly, always respecting your property and privacy. We aim to complete the job with minimal disruption to your daily activities, ensuring the issue is resolved swiftly and satisfactorily.
Final Inspection and Preventative Advice
After the service is completed, our technicians will perform a final inspection to ensure that the blockage has been fully cleared and that your drainage system is functioning correctly. We provide you with a detailed report of the work done and any observations made during the service. Additionally, we offer expert advice on preventative measures and maintenance tips to help avoid future drainage issues. Our goal is to not only solve the current problem but also to equip you with the knowledge to maintain a healthy drainage system going forward.
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